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Surf Lessons

Surf is more than riding waves, surf is flowing with the ocean, understanding it and being a part of it. Surf makes you feel more alive than ever.

With our surf lessons you will learn all the foundations about surf under professional supervision, priorising safety and focusing on enjoyment and skills improvement.

We offer all levels from beginners to intermediate to advanced surfers.

Join us and get the thrill of catching your first wave!

Beginners lessons

Price $75 + 13%VAT /person


  • 120 minutes instruction time, theory and practical

  • Surf instructor

  • Surf board

  • Hydration

Conditions and tides are important in surfing so schedules will be agreed with the client in order to make your experience safer and more enjoyable.

Minimum age 10 y.o.

To make a reservation we require a deposit of $20. We accept Paypal, Costa Rican bank transfer and SINPE Movil ($, CRC).

*Changes or cancellations with less than 24 hours in advanced will charge 100% of the deposit.

Intermediate and Advanced lessons


Price on demand

- Contact us for reservations -

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