Catamaran Sailing

Enjoy a morning or an afternoon of sailing on a catamaran that has no match for size, comfort or service along Costa Rica’s beautiful coastline with an open bar throughout the cruise.

During the tour you may spot some of the beautiful marine life the Costa Rican waters have to offer - dolphins, turtles, jumping devil rays or even humpback whales. Half way through your journey the sailboat will stop and you will enjoy a guided snorkeling tour and other water activities.

In the meantime, a great buffet of snacks will be prepared by the chef.

If you decide to book the afternoon tour, the winds will carry you home surrounded by the amazing colors of the Guanacaste sunset.

Price $95


  • Snacks and drinks (open bar)

  • Snorkeling gear

  • Paddle board

  • Kayak

Each catamaran is licensed to carry 90 passengers but it´s capacity is limited at 75 passengers.

24 hours cancellation policy.

- Contact us for reservations -